WIldlife started breeding season early due to warm weather


Our Storm Track 5 Meteorologists said this winter has been one of the top 5 warmest on record, but there are some freezing nights ahead.

While this weather may be hard to keep up with.

It's also throwing off wildlife in our area.

We talked to a naturalist at Bays Mountain, who says some animals started breeding season early because of warm weather.

Krystal Haney tells us more animals will be on the move and also more likely to be hit by a car, so keep a close eye out on the roads.

In the meantime, wildlife at the park have beds they can use in the winter.

"Animals in the wild they have a thicker fur for the winter so they adapt pretty well for the cold weather so they should be ok," Haney said.

She does say plants that started to bud early may freeze off.

Toprevent this, Haney says to cover your plants with a tarp or blanket.