Woman accused of stabbing another woman in head with screwdriver


A Rogersville woman is facing numerous charges after being accused of stabbing another woman in the head with a screwdriver.

According to Hawkins County police, deputies responded to a house on Gentry Hollow Road in Church Hill shortly before 1 a.m. Tuesday. Deputies found Jammie Morgan trying to leave the scene in a Honda Civic. Morgan eventually stopped the vehicle and was detained.

Another woman and a man approached the deputy. The woman told police that she was inside the home when Morgan entered the residence by coming through a back door that was unlocked. Morgan then yelled at the man and hit him and all three people went into the living room which was dark at the time. The woman accused Morgan of stabbing her in the head with a screwdriver. After the incident, the woman went outside the home and called 911. Police spoke with the man and saw that signs of assault were consistent with the woman's statement.

While speaking with Morgan, police added she had come to the house once already and left upset after finding the woman in bed with the man, who is her ex-boyfriend. She returned and that is when the altercation occurred.

Morgan has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, driving on a revoked license, and especially aggravated burglary.

She is due in court on August 2.

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