Youth Amabassadors from South America wrap up trip to Johnson City


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - High school students from Venezuela and Colombia are wrapping up a visit to Johnson City.

Science Hill High School hosted ten students as part of the state department's youth ambassador program. Saturday, the group got together for a last celebration and meal before heading home.

Johnson City Vice-Mayor Jenny Brock spoke to the students about leadership. The youth ambassadors said they gained a lot from the trip.

"Every person that I met, just, they were so respectful," Venezuelan student Luis Angel said. "They taught us a lots of things. So it was a great experience, and I hope that in the future, I can come here again to see everyone."

Luis also said he wishes to use what he learned in America to help his native Venezuela. The trip also helped the student ambassadors better understand the United States.

"I also enjoyed Bay's Mountain," Colombian student ambassador Nidia Hernandez said regarding the group's trip to the park. "When we think of the United States in our country, we think of technology, economy, but we don't think about the environment. So when we were there, we realized that you have biodiversity, and it was awesome."

Science Hill Spanish teacher Charles Carter, who brought the program to the school in 2004, said that sharing cultures is important for both North and South American students.

"It educates us, in that people in Latin America are not that different from us," Carter said.

Science Hill hosts at least one group of South American students every year. It is the only school in the country that has participated in the youth ambassador program every year since it began.

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