2 school system employees charged in child abuse investigation


Two Russell County school employees have been charged in connection with a child abuse investigation.

According to Sheriff Steve Dye, the charges stem from an incident on a bus last month. Student aide Teresa Jo Robinson was charged with assault and battery, and bus driver Carolyn Sue Salyer was charged with failure to report child abuse.

News 5 talked to the child's parents who told us the 12-year-old child is non-verbal and also has Down syndrome.

The child's father, Donald Tucker, told us a video recording from the bus shows the aide yelling at the student and pushing his head in between the window and seat.

"It was horrific watching anybody, not just special needs, but anybody go through over an hour of this," Tucker said.

Tucker added that right now, his child is still a student at the school, but they've looked into other options, including homeschool and private schools.

Both women charged are expected in court next week. We contacted the school system for a response, but they had no comment.

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