Anthony Flaccavento announces run for Congress


ST. PAUL, Va. - Abingdon farmer and businessman Anthony Flaccavento announced Wednesday his run for the 2018 Congressional race.

The Democratic politician came up short in the 2012 race against Morgan Griffith for the House of Representatives 9th District. Flaccavento said he's confident in his run this time around. He now owns an economic development consulting business, so he said he's gained more experience at working to stabilize the economy.

"The single biggest issue is revitalizing our economy. Right now, we have an economy that is working fabulously well for a tiny group of people at the top and a few companies, but the small businesses, the community banks, the ordinary working people, are not sharing in the prosperity that's supposed to be trickling down. It just ain't happening nearly enough," Flaccavento said.

Flaccavento promised in his announcement to hold 100 town hall meetings prior to the election next November.