Bristol man accused of fleeing from police faces new charges

(PHOTO: O. Bailey / WCYB)

A Bristol man accused of fleeing after being pulled over by state police is facing additional charges.

Gary Wilson Coulter is set to be arraigned on those new charges, including possessing a large amount of crystal methamphetamine, illegally having a loaded pistol, driving on a revoked license and attempting to elude arrest.

Coulter was among three arrested Wednesday during a heated police incident near the intersection of Lee Highway and East Valley Drive.

Court records show state police initially tried to pull over Coulter's vehicle, after spotting an item dangling from it. Police say Coulter pulled over but he and another occupant fled and eluded arrest for several hours.

Police say they found a large amount of crystal meth in baggies in the vehicle, as well as a loaded pistol. They searched for Coulter and swarmed the area with a helicopter and SWAT officers.

Police say another occupant of the Lincoln Navigator, Joshua Clark of Bristol, also attempted to flee. Court records show the trooper said he tackled and fought Clark, and with the help of civilians, finally got him in handcuffs.

Clark is charged with felony assault on the officer, resisting arrest and attempting to elude arrest. The officer reported he suffered cuts in the scuffle.

A third suspect arrested was Benjamin Roberts of Bristol who was also charged with attempting to elude police.

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