Bristol, VA firefighters asking residents for help in stopping possible cuts to their department


The Bristol, Virginia firefighters are working to spread the word to residents about possible cuts to their department.

We told you city council settled on a budget proposal that would cut 10 firefighters and close the station on Lee Street.

Vice President of the Bristol, Virginia Professional Firefighter Association says this would cut their staffing by about 35%, which would increase their response time.

He says they have 43 personnel, but they need to have about 63 in order to meet the standards of the NFPA.

Gentry said to keep 10 people on each shift, there would beed to be 47 employees of the department.

The goal of Saturday is to let residents of Bristol know how they can help.

"Our goal is life safety and property conservation, but we cannot do that without the backing of our city government. Our city has to stand behind us so we can perform the job that we're here to perform," Gentry said.

There will be a public hearing coming up on May 30th at Virginia High School for people to voice their opinions to the council.

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