Cleaning crews make 'needle sweep' in Pennington Gap park


LEE COUNTY, Va. - Cleaning crews were out at Leeman Field Park today, after a needle and syringe were found.

Town officials say a concerned parent called the police on Thursday, saying they found a needle in the sandbox.

Police also found a syringe in the volleyball court during their initial search.

Town officials don't think the needles found are related to drugs.

"We had a parent notify the police department that they thought the syringe belonged to their child-- a diabetic child," explained Town Manager Keith Harless.

Regardless of what type of needle they are, the town is taking no chances.

They had crews rake through the affected areas looking for any more paraphernalia.

And now, they're considering increasing the park's security.

"One of the things that was brought up with the town council was updating our security cameras, and things at the park. And we're putting together some prices to see about what it would cost," said Harless.

Lee County resident Teresa Holden was hesitant to take her grandkids to the park after she heard about the incident. But she trusted the town was taking care of the issue.

"We have a small community and I had faith that they would be in here to take of the park," said Holden.

She was relieved to see the cleaning crew.

"My kids play ball here, we spend hours and hours here," said Holden. "This park is extremely important to this town and this community, so I think everybody needs to feel comfortable if they're going for a walk, bringing their dogs, their kids, grandkids and to know that the town and police force are going to take care of it."

The sandbox and volleyball court are now reopen and safe for children to use.

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