Clinic in Galax closed due to radon levels


A clinic in Galax has been closed after testing positive for elevated levels of radon.

The facility operated by Carilion Clinic wrote in a statement that the health and safety of employees and patients is their most important responsibility so they are addressing the issue regarding the air quality.

This facility is located on Hospital Drive in Galax and houses both family and internal medicine practices, according to a report from our sister station WSET.

Beginning September 14, the hospital said they engaged an environmental consultant to test the building's air for radon, which is a gas that is tasteless, odorless, and colorless.

They got the tests results last Thursday, which showed an average radon level of 4.3 picocuries per liter, which they said is not an unusual result for this area of Virginia, but because it is an elevated level per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's published guidelines, they have temporarily closed the facility.

In addition, the facility is embarking on mitigation efforts and will retest for radon after those measures have been put into place.

Physicians and nurses have been relocated to the Hillsville practice on South Main Street with the potential of providing extended hours.

They said patients will be notified with updates as they get them.