Community supports baby fighting genetic disorder


LEBANON, Va. - A baby with a life threatening condition is receiving community support Thursday night.

Ruby Kate Leonard was born with a genetic disorder known as Hurler Syndrome, but the only way her family discovered that was through state-mandated newborn genetic testing in Tennessee.

Now, the family's hometown of Lebanon is hosting a community night to raise awareness about the testing in Virginia.

The Lebanon Wendy's is hosting the event Thursday from 4-8 p.m. and will donate 10 percent of sales. Customers can also give an additional donation.

"This one goes to raise awareness for this disease that this little girl, Ruby Kate, has. Some of the money will help the family get through this time, but we're hoping to promote awareness for testing in Virginia and throughout the nation so that nobody has to go through what this family has," General Manager David Holt said.

Community businesses also have employees volunteering to help work to help with demand at the Wendy's.

The Russell County Government Center will also have volunteers hosting Bingo games and selling Raffle tickets to benefit the Leonard family. Those events will begin 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

In Bingo, one card will allow 20 games for $20. Three cards will allow 20 games for $40.

For raffle tickets, one ticket is $1. Six tickets will cost $5. Twelve tickets will cost $10.

We will have more on the Leonard's medical journey and their inspiration for finding hope for other families across the state on Friday on News 5.

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