Congressman Morgan Griffith votes to shoot down gun buying rule


The U.S. House of Representatives has recently voted to undo one of the last actions of the Obama administration and a Virginia Congressman is on board. Before President Obama left office the Social Security Administration issued a rule applying to anyone on disability that has been deemed unable to handle their own finances. If that person was also diagnosed with a mental illness the rule says they should be prohibited from buying a firearm.

Congressman Morgan Griffith was one who voted to overturn this rule. He tells us it is too broad in scope.

"We've got to stop putting a stigma on people with mental illness. There's a lot of people with different levels of mental illness. That doesn't mean that because you've got a mental illness you're going to be violent, but the Obama administration apparently though that was the case," Griffith said Thursday.

The Senate must now vote on the legislation before it goes to the President.