Website reveals number of crashes in Virginia to public

crash data

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles released a new website that lets anyone see how many crashes have occurred throughout the state. The site is not only useful to the public, but also state organizations like Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). ""VDOT's traffic engineers will greatly use the data. They'll use it when they do speed studies, they'll also use it to evaluate whether a traffic signal is needed." Said VDOT's Communications Manager, Michelle Earl.

Virginia State Police (VSP) handles most of the state's crashes.

First Sgt. Mike Willis said VSP will use the data to determine where their presence is needed most.

"We look at crash data to determine where we do special projects and enforcement projects-- DUI, seat belt checks, that kind of thing." Explained Sgt. Willis

The public can also use the site's information to suggest road changes.

"If the public were to call in to ask about maybe putting in a traffic signal, the data would be used to help evaluate if that's really needed or if there's other things we can do to make the situation better." Said Earl.

virginia residents said they'll use the site to plan driving routes.

"I've been through intersections before that are just a nightmare to get through, and in the back of your mind you're just thinking this is an accident waiting to happen... so, if I can go before hand and pick another route that's safer, and less time consuming, to me it's worth it to do it." Said Virginia driver Phil Barker.

"Just so it can be out there... If you're traveling and don't want to go through somewhere you could get hurt potentially and maybe take a safer route ." Thought driver Logan Anderson.

VDOT will also use the data to plan how much funding is needed for future projects.

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