Equalization board now hearing from Bristol, VA property owners

(PHOTO: T. Culbertson / WCYB)

Bristol, Virginia residents who think their new real estate assessments are too high can now appeal.

A board of equalization is now set for appeal hearings starting next week. They are created every four years after property values are re-assessed.

Commissioner of Revenue Terry Frye told News 5 the value of residential property in the city jumped 5 percent while business and commercial properties were up 7 percent.

"I would strongly recommend that anyone who believes their assessment is incorrect, whether too low or too high, that they appeal before this board. These are people that are familiar with the real estate market and the City of Bristol," Frye said.

March 1 is the deadline to file for an appeal and appointments for a hearing before the board must be scheduled. Call (276) 645-7316 for more information.

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