Governor McAuliffe among top Virginia officials with subpoena request pending before judge


WISE COUNTY, VA - Commonwealth's Attorney, Chuck Slemp, wants to subpoena governor McAuliffe, current Lieutenant Governor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, and Secretary of the Commonwealth Kelly Thomasson Mercer. He wants them to testify in the case of five convicted felons who want their gun rights restored and Slemp says according to these felons, their second amendment rights were restored by governor McAuliffe.

Slemp says he has looked into whether these felons asked for their rights to be restored, and whether or not governor McAuliffe went through proper review processes to restore those rights. He hopes to have these gun petitions reviewed by the court to find answers to these questions.

"Number one, were their rights lawfully restored by the governor, and second, if they were lawfully restored, is there good cause for this person to possess a firearm?" asks Slemp.

The filing asks a judge to hear the requests for subpoena. That hearing is scheduled for next Thursday.

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