Group takes responsibility for KKK hanging display in Richmond park


(Warning: There is a photo published within this story that some readers may find disturbing.)

An anonymous group claims to have hung eight Ku Klux Klan effigies in Bryan Park in Richmond on Thursday morning.

'"Ku Klux Klowns' is the latest project from the anonymous American Activist Collective, INDECLINE," the group said in a press release. "It was conceptualized in the Spring of 2017 in protest of the White Nationalist uprising in the United States."

The group says the effigies were hung in Richmond because of "its infamous legacy of being the capital of the Confederate South. It was executed in what is today known as Joseph Bryan Park, the same location of the Gabriel Prosser slave rebellion in 1800."

Police closed the entrances to the park for several hours. The park has since reopened, but police have not yet released a statement, according to a report from NBC affiliate WWBT.

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