History group kicks off Battle of King's Mountain celebration

Overmountain Victory Trail Assocation members fire replicated muskets at their King's Mountain kickoff celebration.

ABINGDON, Va. - Overmountain Victory Trail Association kicked off their celebration of the Battle of King's Mountain with historic storytelling in Abingdon Sunday.

O.V.T.A. is a group of history interpreters who try to show people exactly what life was like for the soldiers who fought in the revolutionary war. The members show students and adults what their ancestors endured during the American Revolution.

"My 4th great grandfather was actually a scout for Colonel John Sevier in the Nolichucky settlements in the late 1770's. So almost all of us that are doing this march have some kind of ancestry that ties into King's Mountain."

They dress up in the clothes of the volunteer soldiers and even fire the same weapons.

"Getting to fire is always fun. I always enjoy doing that."

Last year, the association gave demonstrations to more than 14,000 people free of charge.

"Now we take them on this trailhead, and we make it exciting for them. We'll have a couple people in the woods firing, asking the password, you know, just to give them a little taste of what it was like back then."

To members, learning and teaching the story of the king's mountain volunteers is its own reward.

"I always knew about King's mountain, but not the details until I joined this group. And the story is fascinating."

"This is the story of the American spirit, and it tells us who we are as a people and what we can do if we come together and stand together under a common threat."

O.V.T.A. will give demonstrations along the Overmountain Victory Trail, culminating on the anniversary of the Battle of King's Mountain on October 7th.

The celebration will continue Monday with a school presentation at Sycamore Shoals Park in Elizabethton.

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