Host families concerned for player's home in the Carribean


BRISTOL, Va. - Two hurricanes have devastated homes over the past month in Puerto Rico, but it is also impacting homes here in our area. Shelly Wiseman and her family took three Bristol Pirates players into their home as a host family during this past season. As they returned home, two were directly in harm's way. One from Puerto Rico, another from the Dominican Republic. Wiseman said she keeps in touch with them several times a week and reached out to offer a place of refuge when the hurricanes were forming. The last time Wiseman talked to Nelson Jorge was Tuesday when his family was preparing for the storm to hit Puerto Rico. "He told me he was pretty worried and they had started preparations, securing things outside, securing things inside the house. He was at his parents' house at that point. He said they were all going to go to his house, which was concrete and safer," Wiseman said. Wiseman said she has talked to Nelson's sister who said the family hasn't heard from Jorge since 6 a.m. Wednesday. That could be in part to downed power lines and cell towers that have been destroyed across the island. Officials said Thursday it could take months to completely restore power to Puerto Rico.

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