Lee County musician donates song proceeds to domestic violence victims


LEE COUNTY, Va. - A local musician is giving back to his hometown. Taylor Ray Holbrook is from Lee County and has been living in Nashville for about a year. He is now using the proceeds from a newly released song to give back to victims of domestic violence. It took Holbrook and two other writers only a few hours to write the song "These Hands." "It just happened naturally," he told News 5. Holbrook said he got the inspiration from a girl he knew who had been a victim of domestic violence. "I wanted to express to her that I would never do that to her, and what better way to do that than in song?," Holbrook said. He is now using that song to give back to other victims in his hometown. The song was released in October on 350 online music streaming services including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Pandora. Each time someone buys the song, they are contributing to a worthy cause. Holbrook said, "The money that has come from this song has come from my fans and it's in 99 cent increments, and it's literally from all over the world." On Thursday, he presented the Lee County Sheriff's Department with a check of nearly $4,200. "There's not a lot of resources available to us as far as domestic violence. The monies that we have is grant money, and it's all specified to certain things," Sheriff Gary Parsons said. Already this year, domestic violence officer Patty Sumpter has worked 20 reports. The county saw in increase in domestic violence last year up to 226 reports from 187 the year before. Parsons said the money raised by Holbrook's song will help victims directly. "We have to transport people to shelters, have to buy them food, put them up temporarily in a motel until we can make other arrangements, pay to change locks on doors who don't have the resources to do it, things that came up that are very unexpected to take care of these folks during their crisis," Parsons said.