Lee County rounds up drug suspects, one injured in car crash


LEE COUNTY, Va. - Lee County Sheriff's deputies have made 27 arrests and counting in a drug roundup today. Law enforcement are still hunting for the remaining suspects. Deputies drove out early, trying to catch suspects before they knew what was happening.

"It all depends on the person and the situation," Captain Mike Reynolds of Lee County Sheriff's Department said. "A lot of times they'll run, but usually if we get them early enough they're still in bed, and the majority of the time there's no problem."

They had 48 indictments and warrants to serve, based on a year-long investigation of mostly illegal sales methamphetamine.

"Meth's getting to be really prevalent in our area," Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons said. "We're taking a lot of people off the streets that's peddling a lot of poison."

The sheriff said that increased regulations on opioids are causing more dealers to turn to meth.

"Most drugs you can cut the supply off," Parsons said. "You can't cut the supply off of something that you can make with ingredients from your home. And as knowledge of meth becomes, you know, people become more aware of it; it's just beginning to be a drug that's everywhere."

Suspects' trial dates will be within the next several months. The prosecutor said some, if convicted, will be facing hard time.

"It all depends on their record," Lee County Commonwealth's Attorney Fuller Cridlin said. "If it's a first offense, they may be looking at anywhere from seven months to a year. If they have previous convictions for drugs distribution or possession, then they could be looking on upwards to five to ten years."

A line of deputies making arrests witness a car crash right in front of them. The crash was so forceful that a woman was thrown from a vehicle and seriously injured. The woman turned was a suspect in the drug bust. She was transported by helicopter to a hospital for treatment. One other person was injured in the wreck.

Deputies expect to continue making arrests for several days.