Local venues using Las Vegas tragedy to sure up security


BRISTOL, Va. - Police say an incident like the Las Vegas massacre can happen anywhere, and that's why local venues are reassessing their security plans to make sure they're in tip-top shape.

"Things like that are taken into account," Bristol, Virginia Police Captain Darrly Milligan says. "We work with other jurisdictions and other agencies like that to make sure we have the best people and the most people we can have around for proper coverage."

Bristol's Rhythm and Roots Reunion is the closest thing this region has to the festival setting in Vegas that was attacked. Thousands of people come from all over the world come to the event, and organizers say this tragedy will play a role in their safety planning for next year.

"We have a disaster plan," Leah Ross, the event's organizer, says. "We have what happened in the situation, who we called and all those things but all your planning probably can't prevent something like that."

The Las Vegas shooter opened fire the 32nd floor of the hotel where he was staying. There aren't any buildings that tall in this region, but police still check to make sure nothing gets on the roof that isn't supposed to be there.

"If it's open to the public and they have access, we do have our eyes on it," Captain MIlligan says.

Local hotels are also being put on notice following this tragedy. I learned they can't check what's inside a guest's bag, but some hotels, like the Hilton Gardenn Inn in Bristol, Virginia, can monitor everything else that goes on on their property.

"We have 40-plus cameras on site," Stephanie Reynolds, the hotel's general manager, says. "We see everything and every area of the entire hotel except for public retrooms and elevators.

McReynolds also says they've found a few handguns in night stand drawers after a guest checks out. She says they call police, who pick up the firearm and then contact the guest.

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