Local woman home after being in Las Vegas during the shooting spree


An Abingdon woman, who almost bought tickets to that concert is back home after being in Las Vegas during the time of the massacre.

Debbie Creasy went on a weekend trip to Vegas for some fun. She never expected to be down the street from the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history during her vacation.

When the gunfire started just after 10 Sunday night, Creasy's group was wrapping up their evening at the Venetian.

"As we were leaving, we were told that the hotel was on lockdown due to an active shooter on the strip," Creasy said.

Not knowing if there were multiple shooters, Creasy went into survival mode.

"Looking around in the lobby at the Venetian for places to maybe hide or take cover in case somebody comes in the Venetian," she said.

She wasn't able to get back to her hotel, which was even closer to Mandalay Bay until 1:30 in the morning.

The sights and sounds of emergency lights and sirens replaced the slot machines an Vegas lights.

"We came back to our hotel and I could see Mandalay Bay," she said.

Creasy is a country music fan and had tried to get tickets to see Jason Aldean, who was performing when the shooting spree started.

Now she's thankful they were turned down, told that they had to buy tickets to the festival for the whole weekend.

Her concern turned to those she met who were going to the festival.

"Of course now I'm thinking are they okay? Did they make it through there safely, were they shot were they injured?"

Back home in southwest Virginia, she's hurting for those affected, but isn't letting fear control her life.

"I'm not scared to go back," she said.

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