Representatives for developer of Bristol Hotel issue statement on rape allegations


GREENVILLE, S.C. - UPDATE: Friday 1:25 p.m.

Representatives for Marcus McCall have issued the following statement in response to rape accusations against McCall:

"A complaint was made to law enforcement more than ten days after the alleged incident. Mr. McCall has cooperated fully with law enforcement to include meeting with investigators and providing a statement without legal representation on the day he first learned of the complaint. He maintains his innocence, is confident through due process the truth will prevail, and is most thankful for the support of his family friends, and colleagues."

"This allegation is a personal matter of Mr. McCall, and therefore will have no impact on the construction and operations of THE BRISTOL HOTEL project. J.A. Street/Weaver Cooke JV commenced construction in April 2017, will soon achieve 50% completion with 100% completion schedule for June 2018. The project then will be placed into service by Charlestowne Hotels, our operating partner, and will be fully operational. Mr. McCall appreciates the continuing support of the Bristol community and other stakeholders in making THE BRISTOL HOTEL a significant asset for the Bristol community."

"Mr. McCall cannot provide any further comments at this stage."


Marcus McCall, the developer of the Bristol Hotel, was arrested earlier this week after authorities say he used the "date rape" drug on a woman.

McCall is originally from Tazewell, Virginia. He's the owner of McCall Capital, which is a successful real estate investment company overseeing the on-going development of the new boutique hotel in downtown Bristol.

According to the Greenville, South Carolina Sheriff's Office, McCall engaged in some sort of relationship with an adult female back in early October. They say at some point between October 8 and 11, the two were together and the victim was allegedly drugged with the substance. Deputies say McCall then raped her while she was unconscious.

"They opened up the investigation and learned that roughly a month or so before the investigation took place, they became familiar with each other," Sgt. Ryan Flood, with the Greenville, South Carolina Sheriff's Office, says. "They engaged in some sort of relationship with one another."

We have learned McCall has posted bail and is out of jail.

We reached out to Bristol, Virginia City Manager Randy Eads. He issued the following statement:

"At this time I am not going to make a comment about a pending criminal investigation. We are also unable to comment about the Bristol Hotel development at this time, but we will be looking into this first thing tomorrow morning."

We will continue to update this story as we learn more details.