Marion's number one fan 'Chico' passes away


Marion's number one fan, Danny "Chico" Cress has passed away, according to a post from his family.

According to police, Chico was riding his scooter north on Route 11 last month when a southbound motorcycle lost control. It resulted in a head-on collision which killed one person on the motorcycle.

Here is the post from his family:

"Our Beloved Chico "Marion's #1 Fan" has made the ultimate TD.

October 27, 2017 at 12:30 AM Danny went to be with Lord. He stepped beyond this vale of tears very peacefully. God bless my Nephew and your number One Fan. Please continue to pray for our family."

Several community members spoke to us about Chico last month.

"If you ask folks, who's Danny, some folks will probably not know, but if you say, who's Chico, everybody knows," said spokesperson for the Town of Marion, Ken Heath.

"He really is the number one fan, he's one that you'll see at the games and he's usually going up and down the bleachers, just kind of yelling and cheering. Sometimes he does give coaching advice during the football games," said athletic director at Marion Senior High School Sallie Moss.

We will have more information as it becomes available.