Marion's number one fan hospitalized after weekend accident


SMYTH COUNTY, VA - The Marion community is coming together in support of a well-known local man who was in a serious accident over the weekend. Danny "Chico" Cress was riding his scooter north on Route 11, when a southbound motorcycle lost control. It resulted in a head-on collision and one person on the motorcycle died. Cress remains in critical condition at the University of Tennessee hospital in Knoxville.

"If you ask folks, who's Danny, some folks will probably not know, but if you say, who's Chico, everybody know," says spokesperson for the Town of Marion Ken Heath.

"He really is the number one fan, he's one that you'll see at the games and he's usually going up and down the bleachers, just kind of yelling and cheering. Sometimes he does give coaching advice during the football games," says athletic director at Marion Senior High School Sallie Moss.

Danny "Chico" Cress, is well known around Marion for his love and support for the community, especially high school sports.

"Every sport, every band member, everything...Danny's been there and he's been the backbone of this community," says Heath.

Now, the community is rallying around him in support after an accident on his new scooter.

"I had run into him last week downtown and he was bragging on his scooter...he'd been driving a lawn mower," Heath says.

Even before he had a means of transportation, Danny would find a way to make it to the Marion sporting events.

"You could see him just walking, I mean he wanted to be there so bad that he didn't care if the game was just down the road in Chilhowie, or if the game was in Richmond," Moss says.

Walking, only to be picked up and taken to the games, by fans who know and love his presence. Danny's cousin Carter Hawkins Sr. tells me times have been difficult for Danny.

"He just recently lost his dad and his wife a couple weeks before that," says Hawkins.

He says the community support for Danny's full recovery has been helpful through the difficult time.

"Facebook is just flooded with comments, thoughts, prayers for Danny, and that's mainly what we're asking everyone to do is just pray," Hawkins says.

"With him and his accident, I know it's something that the whole school is talking about...and it's something that...I think a lot of people are praying for him right now and we really care about Marion's number one fan," Moss says.

Family members tell us that Danny is still in the hospital at UT in Knoxville. He's recovering from surgery.