Mixed reaction in Southwest Virginia over Northam's win for governor


Overall, democrat Ralph Northam received more than 1.4 million votes across the state.

Ed Gillespie received 1.1 million.

In southwest Virginia, Gillespie received almost 50,000 votes.

If everyone in southwest Virginia voted for Gillespie, it would be more than 65,000 votes. He still would've lost by 200,000 votes.

"I'm just disappointed. I'm not surprised, but I'm disappointed," Brenda Everett said about the outcome.

Some local people we talked to were pulling for Gillespie.

Not much of a surprise, Gillespie won 76% of the vote in southwest Virginia.

But, not enough for the republican to come out on top.

Some say voting democrat was a way to hope for change in Washington.

"I think the whole thing was just to vote against Trump. that's what I did," Stan Berry Robert said.

Virginia Highlands political science professor Sara Combs said the president may have been a reason why Gillespie didn't win.

"I think that Gillespie was in a difficult position. He distanced himself from Trump. That may have irritated some of the more ardent Trump supporters"

President Trump on twitter saying Gillespie did not embrace him or what he stands for.

But Combs thinks this election is more about the future of the state than the president.

"I believe Virginian's are concerned about healthcare and education more than issues such as confederate monuments," Combs said.

Although the majority of southwest Virginia's voted for Gillespie, it isn't going to discourage republicans we talked to from having their voice heard.

"If I don't do my part, that just makes it that much more likely it's going to go he other way," Everett said.

"In American politics, that's how our system works. Each party has a fair chance of winning," Combs said.

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