Neighbors in shock Sheila Warren arrested in 1990 killer clown murder


An Abingdon woman accused of dressing as a clown and shooting another woman in the face 27 years ago is returning to Florida to face murder charges.

Sheila Keen Warren briefly appeared in court today, waiving extradition to Palm Beach County, Florida where the murder happened.

She's charged with first degree murder.

The murder stemmed from an apparent love triangle.

An infamous "clown murder" haunted a Florida town for 27 years.

Until new DNA analysis and additional interviews led investigators to Sheila Warren, living near Abingdon.

"Just took us 27 years to bring closure to the vicitm's family," Sergeant Richard McAfee with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said.

Officers said in 1990, Sheila dressed as a clown, carrying balloons and flowers to Marlene Warren's door before shooting her point blank in the face.

They say Sheila was the mistress of Michael Warren, Marlene's husband.

Sheila and Michael eventually married in 2002, sometime later moved to Kingsport and previously owned the popular Purple Cow fast food restaurant. of late, they lived in the Heron Point near Abingdon.

"They actually didn't bother anybody. She was extremely nice," Yvette Wampler said.

Neighbors in disbelief an accused murderer lived nearby.

"I was in shock to know this killer clown was my neighbor," Vicki Chittester said.

Sheriff Fred Newman wouldn't comment on if Michael Warren is also a suspect.

No one answered at the home.