Nickelsville Rescue Squad remains closed for reorganization


NICKELSVILLE, Va. - The Nickelsville Rescue Squad is expected to reopen on Wednesday, February 8.

The Rescue Squad closed its doors on Thursday, after county leaders say there was an internal fight between members and leadership. Medical calls were left to be answered by the Scott County Lifesaving Crew.

Sunday, Interim Public Information Officer Curtis Wininger announced the Nickelsville Rescue Squad received a request for resignation from its former Captain Greg Marshall.

"As a result, the organization is left without administrative structure. The Nickelsville Rescue Squad Board of Directors is currently working within regulations, defined by the organization's by-laws to establish a chain of command," Wininger said in a press release.

Wininger says the rescue squad is not closed, but temporarily shut down. In the meantime, medical calls will be answered by neighboring agencies. He says in most cases, citizens will notice no difference in call coverage.

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