Pastries on Piedmont helps promote local business


Sweet treats and shopping... that's the theme for the first Pastries on Piedmont at Blackbird Bakery.

Organizer Samantha Fleming says it's a way to promote local business.

Fleming thinks this event helps local people spend their money in Bristol, so it stays local.

" Downtown Bristol needs help in revitalization. We want to help local people to keep money in Bristol and help grow both the Virginia side and the Tennessee side," she said

We talked to the owner of Bristol Branded Leather Company.

He says events like these allows you to appreciate small business.

"When you see all the work that goes into it it just makes you want to support everybody that's doing kind of the same thing that you're doing," Ben Sharrett said.

The event featured items like home decor, beauty, and arts and crafts.

Fleming says she hopes to do another event like this in the fall.

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