POLICE: Abingdon VA woman dressed as clown killed Florida woman in 1990


An Abingdon, Virginia woman was arrested Tuesday after her indictment in connection to a 1990 murder in Florida where police said she was dressed as a clown when she shot and killed the victim.

A report from the Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff's Office obtained by News 5 says Shelia Keen Warren, 54, was indicted by a grand jury in August and was taken into custody by Washington County Virginia deputies.

The murder took place on May 26, 1990, the report said, and the victim was Marlene Warren.

Investigators said Shelia Warren drove up to the victim's home and witnesses saw a person dressed as a clown carrying balloons and a flower arrangement get out. Marlene Warren answered the door and when the clown offered her the items, she was shot in the face, the report said.

Witnesses heard the gunshot then saw the clown calmly walk back to the car and drove away, police said.

Detective identified Shelia Warren as a potential suspect but an arrest was never made.

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