Police: Man arrested after striking officers with vehicle and high-speed chase


A Kentucky man was arrested early Sunday following a high-speed chase which began in Pound, Va.

According to Pound Police Chief Tony Baker, an officer clocked a vehicle going 75 miles per hour in the northbound lane of U.S. Highway 23. The officer then asked the driver for his driver's license but did not do so and then gave a false identification.

The man later admitted who he was and that his license was suspended, and police determined the man was 32-year-old Dana Neal Howard of Thornton, Ky. Officials added that Howard was impaired.

Howard refused to turn off or get out of the vehicle Chief Baker added. Howard then sped off away from police, running over an officer's foot with the driver's side rear tire. The passenger side of the vehicle struck another officer.

The officers did not sustain injuries which required immediate medical attention.

As Howard sped off, a male passenger jumped out of the vehicle. He has not been found, according to police.

Officers tried to catch the vehicle in a high-speed chase with speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour. The chase was called off when Howard crossed into Kentucky and Kentucky State Police was notified. Authorities were told that the vehicle turned toward Whitesburg, Ky.

Within 90 minutes, a Kentucky State Trooper captured Howard, according to Chief Baker.

Howard was charged with two counts of assault on law enforcement officers, felony attempt to forge a public document, felony eluding, driving under the influence, and driving on a suspended license. Howard is currently being held in Letcher County Jail on unrelated warrants out of Kentucky.

If anyone has any additional information, you are asked to call 276-298-7020.