Pound police seize drugs, guns, thousand rounds of ammo in "frightening" discovery

(PHOTO: PPD / T. Baker)

Pound, Virginia, Chief of Police Tony Baker said Tuesday a recent find by officers as part of a lengthy drug investigation was "frightening" for the community.

Black tar heroin, crystal meth. mushrooms, marijuana and LSD were found amongst a vast collection of weapons and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition at a home in the 10000 blocks of Right Fork Road, the chief said in a report.

No arrests have been made but a suspect's billfold was found in a safe placed in a bedroom floor, police said. The wallet contained over $700.

The weapons collected by officers included several rifles and handguns along with a tear gas gun, Baker said.

The discovery has also caused the police chief to issue a warning to residents with Halloween approaching. "...Be vigilant while trick or treating, being extremely careful of taking candy from strangers and always have parents to inspect candy before consuming," Baker wrote.

Anyone with information on this investigation can call (276) 298-7020.

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