Russell County School Board files for dismissal of $10M civil suit


Attorneys for the Russell County, Virginia School Board and two principals have filed motions in federal court to have a judge dismiss a civil suit against them pertaining to a student sexually assaulted by a former elementary school janitor.

Court documents obtained by News 5 show former principals Kim Hooker and Phillip Henley and the public school's governing body want the suit thrown out because they contend the abuse occurred away from the campus of Lebanon Elementary School, among other reasons.

The briefs also said that the boy's mother and guardian allowed the boy to move in with Bobby Gobble, who police said sexually abused the child for over two years.

Gobble is currently serving a 70-year prison sentence after accepting a plea deal in August 2014 for 48 counts of aggravated sexual battery and nine counts of forcible sodomy.

The $10 million civil suit was filed in December on behalf of the juvenile by an attorney who is representing the family.

A previous story concerning the suit can be found by clicking here.

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