Scott County prepares to assign student Chromebooks


SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - Scott County schools are making an upgrade to their classrooms this year.

By next semester, they hope to send a Chromebook home with students in 8th through 12th grade.

Administrators say they have been updating the internet technology in schools for a couple of years to prepare. Right now, four IT resource teachers are trained and set to get additional staff ready to use the Google Classroom program.

The school system is also working on a set of policies before distribution. Scott County started with a pilot program and say teachers were happy with the quality of materials they were able to use with students.

"From our basic classes to our dual enrollment, we're hoping to push out that instruction to those students to be able to take them home and work on them, be it anything that they need and then bring that back and the teachers get immediate feedback," Brickey said.

Right now, the Chromebooks will be distributed in all three of the county's high schools and Gate City Middle School.

Officials hope to grow the program to additional students each year.

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