Scott County voters to use new system at upcoming election


Voters in Scott County, Va. will have a different experience at the polls this Election Day. The previous system had some recent problems and had been used for about the last 12 years.

The county has decided to implement a paper plus digital system for this year's elections. This after many voters expressed concerns about the lack of a reliable paper trail in case of malfunctions.

"To get away from the DRE equipment which is the touch screen equipment and go more toward the paper ballots," Scott County Voter Registrar Mike Edwards told News 5. "The reason for that of course is it gives you a better paper trail, a better audit trail."

Edwards added that the paper goes through a tabulator to digitize it. The system should be just as fast or faster as the old system.

Twenty-five tabulators and 85 privacy stands were purchased to implement the new system.

Edwards also expressed the importance for voters to know what is going to be on the ballot before they arrive to help speed up the process. There are two proposed constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot statewide in Virginia, in addition to the presidential and 9th district races.

For sample ballot information, including the exact wording of the questions, click here.