Sheriff: Abingdon woman charged in 1990 Florida murder, dressed as a clown during killing


An Abingdon woman is facing charges for a murder that happened 27 years ago in Florida.

Authorities said someone dressed up as a clown, shot the victim in the face in Palm Beach County in 1990.

Investigators with the Washington County, Virginia Sheriff's Office said the killer clown is Sheila Warren from Abingdon.

According to reports, at the time of the murder, she was the mistress of Michael Warren, who was married to the victim, Marlene Warren.

Investigators say Sheila was dressed as a clown carrying balloons and flowers when she walked up to the victim's Florida home and shot Marlene in the face.

They said Sheila was a suspect at the time, but was never arrested because all the evidence was purely circumstantial.

Sheila and Michael married in 2002.

Officials said the two used to co-own the Purple Cow in Kingsport.

Now., after nearly three decades authorities say new DNA analysis, along with additional interviews with witnesses, have lead them back to Sheila.

"Taking another persons life is horrific incident. It just took us 27 years to bring closure to the victim's family. Murder cases never go away they never go away," Sergeant Richard McAfee with the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office said.

In a report from a Florida newspaper, given to News 5 by Washington County Virignia Sheriff Fred Newman, Marlene Warren told family she feared her husband Michael would kill her, and that she thought there was another woman.

Officials say Michael was home at the time at the arrest, but would not comment on if he's also a suspect.

Sheila is charged with first degree murder with a firearm.

She will be arraigned in Washington County tomorrow afternoon.

She'll be extradited back to Palm Beach County.

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