Suspect wanted in relation to string of credit card thefts

skimmer suspect

MARION, Va. - Several towns in Southwest Virginia are seeing cases of credit card skimming.

Skimming is a type of credit card theft where suspects use a device called a "skimmer" to copy your card information without you realizing it.

Now, the Marion Police Department is searching for a suspect in relation to the cases.

They say he's stolen several people's card information, usually at a gas pump, and then used them to buy gift cards.

"This guy actually buys balloons and cards and the whole deal to make it look good," explained Lt. Andrew Moss with the Marion Police.

Detectives don't believe the suspect is still in the area.

They say credit card skimmers move fast.

"They're going to be here a day or two, collecting information, then they're going to try to move on to the next area," said Lt. Moss.

Police also say skimming happens most often at gas stations.

Marion Minute Mart is a gas station and market in downtown Marion.

The manager there says they check their card readers every three months to make sure credit card skimmers don't breach their system.

"If anybody tried to hack it, it will let my credit card reader know that somebody is trying to interfere with it, and it will stop the transaction," explained manager Michelle Dennison.

You can also check for skimming devices yourself by pulling on the card readers. If something slips out when you pull, it could be the device.

Police suggest you pay inside to avoid the possibility of being skimmed at the pump.

And keep a close eye on your bank information to monitor any suspicious purchases.

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