Travelers go hundreds of miles for Rhythm and Roots


BRISTOL, VA - For people in Bristol, the Rhythm and Roots Reunion practically puts music in their backyards. Some music fans, however, travel hundreds of miles for the festival.

Gretchen Brownley and her family made a seven hour drive from Maryland just to be at Rhythm and Roots.

"There's quite a variety of different types of music," Brownley said. "We enjoy walking around from stage to stage and hearing the different bands."

Her family said three days of music makes it an irresistible trip.

"It's worth coming down," Brownley said. "We keep coming back."

Most people in downtown Bristol over the weekend weekend came for the festival, but for Andrea Strine it came as a big surprise

"I said, 'what is going on here?'" Strine said. "They said, 'Oh, there's a big festival.'"

Strine came to go shopping, not for the music.

"We come up through here every year for an annual trip to Williamsburg," Strine said. "I have to stop at Cranberry Lane to get my fix, because I used to own a country store. I still love country."

Even though Rhythm and Roots surprised her, she enjoyed herself.

"Usually there's cars parked, and now it's festival, and concessions, and music, and it's kind of nice," Strine said.

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