Triple Blessings: Russell County babies celebrate first birthday


RUSSELL COUNTY, Va. - Triplets born last year to a Russell County family were not expected to live, but they have defied the odds. Wednesday was a very important milestone for the two little girls and little boy. Their names are Emma, Benjamin, and Claire. That is their birth order too. All three triplets were born just three minutes apart. Each weighed in at one pound a piece, while their mother was just 24 weeks pregnant. "They were all in incubators or breathing machines," mother Chasity Meade said. Now the three are one-year-old and happy and healthy. It has taken a fight to get to this point, however. After delivery, doctors once told the new parents they may not come home with all three newborns. "Just surviving their birth was a great thing. The odds were against them on that," father Dustin Meade said. They added doctors predicted a 20 percent survival rate for all three children the day they were born. All three spent a significant part of their first year of life in the hospital. Chasity said, "The odds weren't good with a single baby, so they weren't very good with triplets." Their pediatrician, Dr. Pamela Myers, tells us now they are just happy and healthy babies. "We watch their growth, their development. It's a team effort, however we've got a wonderful supportive family," Dr. Myers said. The Meade family calls this first birthday a blessing and allowed them to enjoy the special celebrate with their first cupcake. It has been these small accomplishments they continue to rejoice in as the babies grow older. "It's either feeding time, or play time, or scream time. Something's always going on," Dustin said. The triplets will celebrate their birthday party with friends and family on Saturday.