UPDATE: AT&T workers return to picket line in Russell County

(PHOTO: T. Culbertson / WCYB)

Workers of the AT&T Call Center in Lebanon are rallying for a new contract.

They are members of the Communication Workers of America which had a contract with AT&T that expired in February.

Johnny Lyttle is a customer service worker and union representative. He says a new contract would hold hope of better pay, health care and a guarantee of a job.

"In my mind this is about the middle class. It's more than just the CWA, it's more than AT&T. I hope people will see what we're doing and I hope that will empower people to stand up and fight for their rights," said Lyttle.

News 5 received a statement from AT&T saying it's made an offer of wage and pension increases, and comprehensive healthcare benefits, all comparable to other businesses.