UPDATE: Charlottesville leaders get earful from frustrated residents on rally safety plans


The push to keep the peace for when or if another Unite the Right rally takes place in Charlottesville.

On Friday an independent review basically said the city and law enforcement didn't do enough to keep people safe.

Residents and city leaders weighed in during a city council meeting Monday night, according to a report from our sister affiliate WSET.

Monday's meeting followed an independent study by former U.S. Attorney Tim Heaphy which held Charlottesville Police responsible for the outcome of the August 12 rally.

Heaphy was hired by the city to investigate the torch lit rally at Emancipation Park in May, the rally of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK rally at Justice Park in July and the Unite the Right Rally at Emancipation Park in August.

In his more than 200 page report he detailed what he believes went right and wrong.

According to Heaphy, the actions of the Charlottesville Police Department were a disaster.

Charlottesville City Council is looking to adopt a new plan on how they as a city will handle large crowds at rallies and protests in the future.

During the meeting Haephy suggested a an option to the council to review.

The idea that him and his fellow reviewers suggested was for the city to adopt a 'Stadium Approach' coverage plan for events like rallies or protests.

Council did not make a decision Monday night on the plan they will be putting in place for the future. They hope to have some solution by their next city council meeting.

About 60 people were given time to speak during the public comment portion. Many of those who who spoke released their frustrations to city council members and the room filled with people.

"The police preformed their designated role on August 12th, to protect and serve themselves and the people already in power," Charlottesville resident Star Peterson said during public comment. "The police are not the answer. The police are an integral part of the problem."

There wasn't a seat left in the council chamber. Council members also had the opportunity to share their thoughts.

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