UPDATE: Judge Kurt Pomrenke guilty of contempt of court

(PHOTO: WCYB Archive)

Bristol Virginia Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge Kurt Pomrenke was found guilty of federal contempt of court on Wednesday.

Prosecutors argued that Pomrenke broke the law when he submitted evidence in violation of a court order to the Judicial Review and Inquiry Commission.

The evidence is related to allegations that he tampered with witnesses before his wife Stacey's trial on corruption charges in the Bristol Virginia Utilities scandal.

Stacey Pomrenke was convicted last August and is currently serving her sentence in a women's prison in West Virginia.

Judge Pomrenke's sentencing for criminal contempt of court, a misdemeanor, will be set at a later date. He still faces disciplinary action from the Virginia Supreme Court for witness tampering which could result in censure, forced retirement or removal from the bench.

News 5's Olivia Bailey was in the courtroom and will have more details later this evening.