UPDATE: Suspect in Saltville murder enters plea


One of the men arrested and charged with the murder of a bed and breakfast owner from Saltville has entered a guilty plea in Circuit Court.

Nathaniel Shane Prewitt, 38, entered an Alford plea in the bludgeoning death of Blue Heron Resort owner Robert Volimer, 61, according to information from Smyth County officials. He is scheduled to be sentenced in November.

An Alford plea means the defendant does not admit guilty but does acknowledge that their is enough evidence to convict he or she if the case goes to trial.

Prewitt and Christopher Wright had been living and working with Volimer at the time of the February 26 murder. Police said that the men then placed Volimer's body in a nearby septic tank.

The men were arrested three days later and were indicted by a grand jury on June 27. Wright is scheduled to go on trial Sept. 20.

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