UPDATE: Virginia Supreme Court hears Judge Pomrenke case, decision in early 2018

(PHOTO: WCYB Archive)

Bristol Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge Kurt Pomrenke now must wait several months before finding out his fate in the hands of the Virginia Supreme Court.

He and his attorney appeared before the court Thursday in Richmond on charges he tampered with witnesses during his wife Stacey's BVU corruption trial.

The Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission brought the charge, seeking to have him removed or censured. His attorney says Pomrenke's lapse was due to the personal crisis of his wife's trial.

A clerk in tells News 5 the court won't issue a ruling until it reconvenes in January. Temporarily, Pomrenke is no longer serving from the bench. But he also faces sentencing later this month for his federal conviction of contempt of court. That's based on related behavior stemming from his wife's trial.

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