Virginia judge denies two convicted felons right to carry firearms


A Wise County Circuit Court judge denies two convicted felons the right to carry firearms again. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe restored the civil rights of these two felons from wise county, which means they can vote and serve on juries.

With their civil rights restored, they put in a request to have their gun rights back as well. However, according to court documents, the judge believes the governor did not look at these cases individually as he is required to do. "For violent felons that pose a risk to victims those individuals should have additional scrutiny, we should look to make sure they deserve the right," Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Slemp said. One of the felons is a convicted sex offender. Another felon was convicted of unlawfully shooting a firearm into an occupied dwelling. In 2016, the Virginia Supreme Court found the governor's executive order restoring rights to more than 200,000 convicted felons to be unconstitutional because the cases were not being looked at individually.