Wise, Va. man pleads guilty to felony child abuse


A Wise, Va. man pleaded guilty Thursday to multiple charges, including felony child abuse, after police say that he allowed his 12-year-old daughter to drive his Jeep after he snorted a drug.

Christopher Todd Clark, 50, also pleaded guilty to allowing a minor to drive, possession of a Schedule II drug, possession of a Schedule IV drug, inhaling a noxious substance, public intoxication and violation of probation. Clark faces a maximum sentence of 15 years.

The charges came following a road check by the Wise County Sheriff's Office on Sept. 5, 2016. Police said that Clark's 12-year-old daughter was driving a Jeep with him in the vehicle. Authorities added that Clark had slurred speech and glossy eyes. Clark stated that he had inhaled Klonopin by nose after police saw a blue liquid coming from his nose.

Clark's sentencing is scheduled for April 25.

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