The Backstretch Blog-Top 16 in 17: 9 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.


Here on the The Backstretch Blog, I'm counting down the 16 drivers I think will make the 2017 Chase for the Championship. Here's a look at driver 9:

9. Dale Earnhardt, Jr- Hendrick Motorsports

So I'm not sure what to expect from Dale Earnhardt, Jr. this season. He sat out a good chunck of last season. How sharp will he be, will there be any effects from his concussions, where is his head? That being said even a 75% Dale Earnhardt Junior is a post season driver, providing he runs an entire season.

But lets throw all of the questions out. A healthy Dale, Jr could be a competitor for a deep playoff run. He's obviously still hungry or else he wouldn't be back in a car this season. He's in the some best equipment in the garage area. If he can put it all together, it could be a big year for Junior.