Greeneville's Shepherd kicks for a cause


GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - Greeneville kicker Eli Shepherd has been money for the Greene Devils this season and he's turning that consistency into actual money that will help fight childhood cancer.

"I got invited to a camp in Wisconsin Cole's Kicking Camp," said Shepherd. "And I saw this vendor that said Alex's Lemonade stand and it said kicking for kids cancer."

His coach Caine Ballard was excited that Shepherd wanted to participate in the 'Kick It for Childhood Cancer Program.'

"I was thrilled when he asked me permission to do that," said Ballard. "I basically said, 'Eli you don't have to have my permission to do something like that.' I'm very proud of him."

The cause is special to Shepherd.

"My papaw had cancer he died of a blood cancer and Alzheimer's," said Shepherd. "So I'm just trying to help out."

So sometimes the added pressure of being able to make a difference with every kick, does weigh on his mind.

"It does but I just know I just rely on my holder in my snapper and just go through the motions like practice. Just make it easy," said Shepherd.

Coach Ballard added, "Eli seems to handle the pressure pretty well so I hope that it's not an added pressure on him, but he's pretty calm and cool under pressure."

But Shepherd doesn't mind iit, because he's kicking to help kick childhood cancer.

"It makes me feel good inside just to help people out," said Shepherd.

If you would like to donate to Shepherd's 'Kick it for Childhood Cancer' campaign, you can do so HERE.