Chris MichaelsMeterologist

Connect With Chris Michaels

Chris Michaels is the weekend evening meteorologist at News 5 WCYB. Chris comes to us from North Carolina State University, where he got his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology.

He has always had an interest in weather from watching storms and blizzards in upstate New York, but the passion never really started until senior year in high school when he was mistakenly put in an Intro to Meteorology course. Ever since then, Chris' interest in the science and communication of it has skyrocketed.

Ever since the age of 3, Chris has been an avid drummer, which is a special bond he's shared with his father throughout the years. Chris marched snare drum in the NC State marching band, The Power Sound of the South, and played drumset for the basketball pep band. During his free time, our drumming weatherman plans on checking out the local music scene and seeing the many national treasures in the area. If you ever see him, say hello!

Chris looks forward to getting to know the viewers, and looks forward to the challenges that come with forecasting for the area. You can LIKE Chris' Facebook page and FOLLOW him on Twitter.