Aurora Borealis on display Sunday night in the northern US


While our chances of seeing green in the sky Sunday night are slim, folks in Canada, the Northern Plains, upper Midwest and New England may very well get to see it!

Late Thursday and early Friday, a solar flare ejected out from the sun. This flare sent out a coronal mass ejection, or a wave of charged particles. Since this takes a few days to reach Earth, that's why the Aurora Borealis may only be seen by Sunday night instead of earlier.

Once this wave meets up with the earth's magnetic field, the show goes on!

The best chance of viewing, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center, is between the yellow and green lines that we've put on this map. As you can see, our chances in the Tri-Cities are pretty slim.

The geomagnetic storm responsible for this event was ranked a G2, by the Space Weather Prediction Center. Impacts from a storm of this strength are not widespread for power systems or spacecraft operations.