BLOG: Cold snap on tap to end the week


Cold weather can and does happen in the month of May, but that potential has been shadowed by the record heat we've been dealt since June of last year. 2017 has been the 2nd hottest year so far on record, we hit 90° in the month of April for the second time on record, and oh yeah - we hit 90° 62 times in 2016.

Yeah...when our weather headlines are nothing but hot, hot, and hotter - it's kind of hard to wrap your brain around the fact that it does get cold in May. Many of you know this as locust or blackberry winter. I'll be honest and tell you that I'm not familiar with all the short winters, but I do know it'll be getting pretty chilly these next few days.

The front that's forcing some strong winds into parts of the area Thursday will move east of the area. Cold air wraps around the backside of this system, and leaves us running into the attic for our blankets, jackets and such. In fact it just might be cold enough above 4,000 feet for a few snowflakes. No big deal, but still pretty cool to even fathom that after last weekend's record heat.

Speaking of last weekend's record heat, this cold snap may be enough for a different section of the record book.

Our record cold high for Friday is 56°, which just so happened to be set last year! Our forecast is right around that. Some places north and east of the Tri-Cities will be below that mark.

The record cold high for Saturday afternoon is 53°, set back in my birth year of 1992! Once again, we'll be pretty close to that!

Not to mention, it will be a little breezy and wet at times both days. The winds gradually relax on Sunday, which may not be a good thing.

When the sky clears, the winds calm down, the humidity drops and the cold air is present - that leaves us with a chance of scattered frost. This is mainly in the valleys, and may only be confined to elevated surfaces like roofs and carports. Still, it's a reason for our gardeners and farmers in the area to be aware.

This isn't incredibly out of the norm, as our average last frost (or temperature of 36° or below) is right around this time. In fact, we did fall below that mark twice in May of 2016 - on the 15th and 16th.

So even though we spent much of last weekend beating the heat, the heating unit may actually be our friend this time around. Temperatures begin to work their way back up the ladder next week.

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